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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page! We understand that you may have questions or concerns about our services, products, or security systems. That's why we've created this page to provide you with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

We specialize in Access Control, providing customized solutions for your business or home. Our team can design and implement a system that allows you to control who enters your property, and when they can access it.

Our Security Solutions in NY cover a wide range of needs, including video surveillance, server and network, and intercom integrations. We offer advanced systems and tools to help you protect your property and assets.

  • Do you provide emergency locksmith services?
    Yes we do! We take 24/7 lock emergency calls which are answered by a third party provider whom we trust and will be able to help. Call us at (+1) 929-464-3191
  • Can Access Control Systems be integrated with other systems?
    Yes, many access control systems can be integrated with other solutions such as cameras, time and attendance, visitor management, and more!
  • Why should I have a security system installed?
    There are a variety of reasons why businesses should have a new security system installed. Here are some of the main advantages: Security systems are an excellent way to protect your business premises, staff and property Security systems, such as CCTV and intruder alarms, are installed to deter potential criminals such as trespassers and vandals Many insurance firms also require an intruder alarm to be installed in order for your policy to be validated. And in some cases, it also reduces your premiums In addition to CCTV and alarms, access control systems also enable a business to manage the flow of staff in and out of the building, help to monitor productivity, and more
  • How much do security systems cost?
    This is often one of the first questions we’re asked when a new potential customer makes contact. Of course, we fully understand a business’s need to work to a budget, meaning the cost is therefore a consideration. The cost of a security system is based on two factors: The cost of the hardware – cameras, alarms, door entry units, cabling, sensors and more The time it takes to install the system This is why it’s always important to understand a customer’s budget and their objectives. As security system professionals, if we know the objectives and the budget we can make the right recommendations. After all, it’s very hard to put a price on security.
  • Is there a lot of disruption while a security system is being installed?
    During any security system installation, there is always a little bit of disruption. However, all of Safeguard System’s security technicians are highly experienced, skilled and will be completely respectful to your site and your staff. As part of our processes, we provide our customers with a system design proposal. This details exactly where the cameras will be fitted, alarms installed and more. Our system design proposals can also include information on timeframes and project management, so our customers are always aware if there is likely to be any disruption and they can plan effectively and accordingly .
  • How quickly can security systems be installed?
    The normal lead from a customer approving a proposal and having their security system installed is around 2 weeks. When helping a business with their security system requirements, we follow a tried and tested process. This allows us to fully establish a customer’s security requirements and provide a concise, professional system design proposal. It is as follows: Initial Consultation System design Approval and order Security system installation Customer training Ongoing service
  • What are the benefits of security systems?
    The main benefits of business security systems are: Reduce and deter employee theft Deter and catch shoplifters Reduce vehicle-related crime Peace of mind and all-round security Catch and apprehend criminals Prevent unauthorised entry – break-ins Prevent unauthorised entry – restricted access for protected areas Protection against on-site accidents and health and safety issues Insurance premiums and cover Monitor and deter incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB) Deter vandalism
  • What are the benefits of access control systems for businesses?
    The main benefits of access control systems are: Managing the safe flow of people in, out and around a business premises Tracking employee and visitor whereabouts Protecting a business from crime Managing health and safety effectively Improve competitive advantage
  • What are the benefits of video intercom systems?
    There are a whole range of reasons businesses invest in video intercom systems. These range from: Peace of mind – see who’s at the office door prior to granting them access Enabling secure entry to a business premises where multiple companies need access to a shared building Managing secure access to a building / offices or site in an efficient and secure way Recording visitor data – see who’s coming in and out of the business. Versatility and compatibility with other access control and security systems – video intercom can be integrated with CCTV systems The main advantages and benefits of video door entry systems are: Security – protect the business from unauthorized access Customization and integration – you can set these systems to grant access to all employees via the front door, but restrict access to secure areas Data – track the flow of visors in and out of the building or premises First Impressions – impress your visitors with a swanky door entry system Remote Access – if you operate a business which isn’t always guarded or staffed, you can grant access remotely via an App.
  • What are the best business security systems?
    It all depends on the objectives. To help guide you on the right security system for your business, here’s a quick overview of each security system and the objectives each one satisfies. The main objectives of a robust CCTV system are: Deter criminals – intruders and vandals Provide all-round peace of mind Catch criminals Prevent and address workplace anti-social behavior Monitor staff for attendance and productivity The main objectives of access control systems are to: Manage the flow of staff and visitors, to, from and around a business premises Limit access to secure areas of a site or building Capture data on timekeeping, attendance and productivity Reduce the need for traditional key-based door access The main objectives of security alarm systems are to: Deter criminals from breaking and entering Provide the business with all-round piece of mind Catch criminals with silent alarm systems
  • What happens if I have an issue with my security system?
    Like with all IT equipment, from time to time they require ad-hoc fixes. As a professional security systems installer, within all of our proposals are our call out charges. When engaging a security company, we always recommend fully understanding their ad-hoc call out charges and hourly rates.
  • Are security systems covered under any form of warranty?
    It depends on the supplier. We provide a 12 month warranty on new hardware & 90 days on installation.
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